Importance of Nutrition for good health | Fitness | Diet | Healthy Eating

Nutrition for good health
Importance of Nutrition for good health | Fitness | Diet | Healthy Eating

The road to a healthy lifestyle is paved with the decisions made during childhood to reap the benefits in adulthood. As the children continue to grow they need the habit of having proper nutrition and healthy food to keep them happy and healthy throughout the day.

According to the United Nations’ Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition and Policy and Promotion, children need of various types of nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and folic acid which can be found in whole grains, pulses, low-fat dairy foods, lean meat, fruits and vegetables, etc.

These varieties of foods contribute important nutrients for the human body and help to reduce risk of developing chronic diseases. Along with such nutrients people need enough daily water to maintain the balance of body fluids. Water represents a critical nutrient as it needs in all body cells and organs to regulate temperature and  other bodily functions.

In addition, daily needs for food counts vary between men and women. According to study, the absolute requirement of nutrients in men is more than women owing to more muscle mass in men than women. A rapidly increasing body of knowledge promises to further clarify the need and effect of certain food for an individual’s body to indicate more targeted applications.

Moreover, eating all the colours of rainbow food helps to boost the overall health of the person by reducing the risk of missing out on all vital nutrients needed for our body. Healthy eating is the practice of making choices about the amount and type of food intake with the intention of enhancing and maintaining a good lifestyle.

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