Iran nuclear bomb can be made in 12 days says America!

Iran Nuclear Bomb Can Be Made In 12 Days Says America

The statement that Iran can make enough material for a Iranian nuclear bomb in about 12 days, is a concerning development for the international community.  This Revelation Raises The Question Of whether... Read more »

Twitter Sacking People Left Right And Center?

Twitter sacking people left right and center? Twitter, the popular social media platform, recently announced that it would be laying off employees as part of its efforts to streamline its operations and... Read more »
LA Bishop David O'Connell Found Dead

LA Bishop David O’Connell Found Dead !

The religious community of the US city of Los Angeles was shocked by the death of Bishop David O’Connell, 69, whose shooting murder is being investigated by the California police. Emergency Call... Read more »
Japans H3 Rocket Fails

Japan’s H3 Rocket Fails

The H3 rocket of Japan, Japan’s new flagship rocket, was unable to make what would have been its maiden flight this Friday, due to an apparent failure in its complementary boosters, stated... Read more »
Lake Huron UFO Is 4th Object Shot Down By USA In 2023

Lake Huron UFO Is 4th Object Shot Down By USA In 2023

The Lake Huron high-altitude object, the United States shot down over Lake Huron on Sunday, was the fourth shot down over North America, in less than two weeks and the third in... Read more »