Fish Oil Or Krill Oil – Which Should You Take?

Fish Oil Or Krill Oil - Which Should You Take?
Fish Oil Or Krill Oil – Which Should You Take?

When considering taking any of these oils, the burning question most people have on their minds is – should I take fish oil or krill oil?

What Is The Best Oil For Omega-3?

When looking at fish oil or krill oil as an Omega 3 supplement, it should be noted that both these oils are harvested from cold water marine life. They also contain significant amounts of DHA and EPT fats.

However, that is where the similarities between krill oil and fish oil end. So, read on to learn how these oils provide omega 3 benefits for immunity, skin, heart health and most importantly, cognitive function. So, decide which form of supplementation is right for you.

Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are accepted worldwide as vital components for human development and health.

They play a role in normal growth patterns and are necessary for the maintenance of healthy cell structure throughout all tissues in the body.

Omega 3 are especially important for the development of the retina and are essential for good eyesight. They are also necessary for the muscular strength of the heart. 

In the brain, Omega 3 are essential components of nerve cell health and function, the root of all cognitive activity.

Despite All These Functions…

The human body itself cannot produce omega 3. Fats must be obtained through dietary sources.

While there are some Omega 3s like alpha linolenic acid in vegetables, the best source on earth is cold-water marine life. The fish and crustaceans of the coldest oceans, the Antarctic and the Pacific, have these good fats, in a bioavailable form, that the body and brain can use directly.

For This Reason…

Supplements derived from these creatures are a popular way to boost general well-being. Despite the differences of fish oil or krill oil, both carry sources of omega 3.

And that is why the numerous continuous discussions and debates about fish oil krill oil benefits.

Effects Of Using Fish Oil Or Krill Oil

Is fish oil or krill oil better? Both oils are a great versatile way to supplement these good fats. Once consumed, both deliver omega 3 acids, in the form of DHA and EPT, to cells throughout the body.

These acids go to work feeding cell membranes and making them more permeable, facilitating the flow of nutrients into cells and the removal of waste. 

This creates a state of efficiency in the cells that results in stronger tissue and better organ function. It also makes human body cells less susceptible to infections and diseases.

Fish Oil Or Krill Oil – What To Buy?

All human beings need to supplement omega 3 fatty acids, from dietary sources or with a standalone, cold water sea life oil. 

Among the options on the market, krill oil has all of the same benefits as fish oil, with added antioxidant protection and greater cognitive enhancement capabilities.

For this reason, if you have interest in trying fish oil or krill oil exclusively for your brain boosting energy, you should try krill oil first. While it may be more expensive, the added benefits of increased immunity, protection against free radicals, better skin and stronger organs, will make a nice ‘Bonus’, in addition to cognitive benefits.Hopefully, you now have the answer to which you should take, when it comes to you using fish oil or krill oil!

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