Justin Trudeau Vaccinated with AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

Justin Trudeau Vaccinated with AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine
Justin Trudeau Vaccinated with AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister gets his first dose of the Corona vaccine on Friday. Prime Minister gets his first dose of AstraZeneca covid vaccine. Justin Trudeau said, “A huge spike in COVID-19 cases meant Canada was at a critical condition, but increased in vaccine deliveries offered us a hope”. He also announced about a deal with Pfizer Inc for millions of booster shots.

The quantity of day by day instances has doubled this month to 8,600, and health officials in advance stated they may leap once more to extra than 15,000 through the end of April until stricter measures have been taken as new coronavirus variations spread.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau came at Ottawa Pharmacy with his wife Sophie to get vaccinated. His wife contracted the coronavirus in March 2020. Prime Minister Justin said “There are more contagious and more dangerous variants out there. The situation is critical. Vaccine doses continue to be the good news we all need in what has become a very tough spring,” said Trudeau. “It’s also important to plan ahead for the future.”

Deal with Pfizer Inc and Other Manufactures.

Trudeau said the deal with Pfizer would help keep the virus under control in the coming years. Ottawa will buy 35 million booster doses in 2022 and 30 million in 2023.

“We are in ongoing discussions with other vaccine manufacturers about their plans for booster shots, too,” Justine Trudeau said.

Trudeau confirmed about providing help to Ontario. Government of Canada had selected 100. Federal healthcare workers who could be sent to help Ontario. Ontario is struggling to cope with worst situation of third wave of COVID – 19 and accuses Ottawa of not doing enough to tackle new, more highly transmissible virus variants.

Officials of Healthcare department asking people to avoid personal contact and stay home. If people avoid personal contacts, the number of daily cases could get huge drop.

Canada has so far recorded a total of 23,822 deaths and 1,155,834 cases of COVID-19.

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