Limitations on H-1B Visa – Donald Trump Announced

Limitations on H-1B Visa – Donald Trump Announced
Limitations on H-1B Visa – Donald Trump Announced

Washington: The US President Donald Trump instruct their administrations to rework on the H-1B visa system. President wants the immigrations on merit-based completely and he instructed same to their administration, officials of White House said.

Officials of White House said, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation to temporarily suspend H-1B and other work-related visas till the end of this 2020 year. Immigrations on merit-based system will helps to priorities the most skilled workers and this system will completely help Americans to protect their jobs.

What the Reforms Includes

President Donald Trump instructed to their administrations to reforms H-1B program. As sources said this reform will consider the high wages and high-skilled criteria. H-1B program will priorities those applicants who are offered high salaries, and who are highly skilled. It will ensure that, the only applicant will be admitted who are working at their high skill sets, The White House said.

Trump administration also apply restrictions to those American employers, who replace American workers with low cost foreign labour. These reforms help to save wages of American workers and ensure that outsiders to enter and does not affect US labour market, Officials said.

Who will affect most

This Reforms in Visa System most likely to affect H-1B and L1 visa holders the most. According to the sources, possibility of restriction to entering the US on their work visas, including H-1B could hold up to 180 and more days. Outsiders, who already in the US are unlikely to be affected. Those who already holds visas, but currently outside of US also restricted till orders gets expires.

Also, those who are waiting for H-1B visas to get stamped could be affected. Visa stampings were halted as the US consulates closed down due to the pandemic.

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