Possibilities of more cases of COVID-19 in India-China-Donald Trump

Possibilities of more cases of COVID-19 in India-China-Donald Trump
Possibilities of more cases of COVID-19 in India-China-Donald Trump

Washington: United States of America President Donald Trump stated, there is countries which have COVID-19 cases more than United States, if they increase the corona virus test. Countries like India and China possibly have more case count of Covid-19, but these countries have very less COVID-19 test rate as compared to countries like United States. Trump also stated USA carried out more than 20 million tests till the date.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center research indicates, the United States had reported around 1.9 million cases and 1,09,000 deaths, which makes United States the worst affected countries over the world. Where, total number of coronavirus cases in India and China is 2,36,184 and 84,177 respectively. According to sources, so far India has conducted over 4 million COVID-19 tests till the date.

What Trump Said

Commenting on the COVID-19 tests in the US, Trump said: “We will be well over 20 million tests. Remember this, when you test more, you have more cases.

“I say to my people every time we test; you find cases because we do more testing. If we have more cases, if we wanted to do testing in China or in India or other places, I promise you there would be more cases… you are doing a fantastic job in getting out the swabs”.

Puritan is one of the only manufacturers in the world producing the high-quality medical swabs that are crucial for rapid testing.

“And every swab you make at Puritan is proudly stamped with the beautiful phrase made in the USA.”

“Thanks to the testing capacity that you are making possible, our country is reopening and our economy is recovering like nobody would’ve thought possible,” he said.

Economy In US: Trump

On current economy Donald Trump said, “our economy is now coming back on track. We absolutely shattered expectations, and this is the largest monthly jobs increase in American history, think of that; that’s a long time.”

Later he added “I think it’s more than double or about double of what our highest was before so this is the largest monthly job increase in American history. And we’re going to have a phenomenal next year. We’re going to have a tremendous couple of months prior to the election on November 3 very, very important date”.

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