kissing bug

Kissing bug – Causing Illness Chagas Disease

The ‘kissing bug’ species is a brand new bug which can cause Chagas disease and found for the first time in Delaware, reported by CDC. What is Kissing Bug ? This bug... Read more »

Marijuana Now Legal In Canada

Marijuana now legal in Canada. 12 a.m. local time, Oct. 17th, 2018, saw Newfoundland usher in a new era, one in which the purchase of cannabis was made legal. It was cold... Read more »

Leading country in terms of children suicide: Canada

Statistical report depicts Canada’s inclusive reputation as a secure place for the upbringing of children is contradicted by statistics depicting high rates of children suicide, child abuse, their fight with mental issues.... Read more »

Dole baby spinach recalled due to possible listeria contamination

Dole is recalling one of its spinach products for fear of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. This is the product “Baby spinach and tender red leaves” distributed in 142 g format. Its expiry date is... Read more »

Judge Authorizes Force-feeding to “Save” Young Anorexic Patient in Quebec City

A judge ordered the treatment of a 20-year-old woman suffering from “extreme anorexia”, even going as far as authorizing force-feeding. Without care, she is in danger of death, justified Judge Lise Bergeron... Read more »
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