no jobs in Canada

No Jobs In Canada? unemployment rate 5.8%

It would seem like soon there would be no jobs in Canada, the way things are going. In December 2018, the unemployment rate in Canada was 5.7% and this rose to 5.8%... Read more »
The Trump Cummings War

The Trump Cummings War

And now a new battle begins in the US, it is the Trump Cummings war. US President Donald Trump said on Twitter, on Saturday, “Rep, Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully,... Read more »
Canadian meat

And Now China Bans Canadian Meat

And now China bans Canadian meat, so what do you think is going to happen next? China claimed that they had found 188 ‘counterfeit’ veterinary certificates for meat that had been labeled... Read more »
Who’s Getting Hurt By U.S. And Chinese Tariffs

Who’s Getting Hurt By U.S. And Chinese Tariffs?

Who’s getting hurt by U.S. and Chinese tariffs?In a recent survey carried out, on the increase in U.S. and Chinese tariffs, 74.9% (almost ¾ths) of the survey respondents, claimed that because of... Read more »
Beef Exports

United States Beef Exports to Japan

Washington, D.C. 17 May 2019: Sonny Perdue, United States secretary announced that the both United States and Japan have agreed on the new terms and conditions that remove Japan’s restrictions on United... Read more »