crude oil

$20 A Barrel Crude In Canada

$20 a barrel crude in Canada! It is the season for refinery maintenance in the USA, this combined with suffocating regulations and loads and loads of pipeline constraints, has proved to be... Read more »

From Musk To Murdoch At Tesla?

From Musk to Murdoch at Tesla? In a recent report by the Financial Times, it was stated that James Murdoch, the son of Rupert Murdoch, Fox mogul, would replace Elon Musk as... Read more »

The Truth Behind The US China ‘Trade War’

What is the truth behind the US China ‘trade war’? China called off talks that were recently scheduled between the US, reason being, President Trump’s decision to go ahead with U.S. $200... Read more »

Trump Neutralizes NAFTA Trade Talks Again

Trump neutralizes NAFTA trade talks again. The reason? The Guardian was quoted on Twitter as saying, “Trade talks stuck in neutral as Trump ‘very unhappy’ with Canadian negotiator.”  The US President is... Read more »

Canada Critiqued Heavily On Foreign Aid Policy

Canada critiqued heavily on foreign aid policy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was recently noted to have said that Canada was “back” on the world stage. But is this really so? According... Read more »