OnePlus Nord Launching on 21st July 2020

OnePlus Nord Launching on 21st July 2020
OnePlus Nord Launching on 21st July 2020

Top competitors of smartphones OnePlus has shown a first looks of their upcoming budget phone series. It happens during a YouTube interview by Marques Brownlee with one of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. Upcoming OnePlus series name would be OnePlus Nord series.

The OnePlus Nord supposed to be OnePlus’s midrange phones, which is scheduled to launched in next week.

Marques Brownlee in his latestvideoshows the brief look at the what OnePlus Nord will be look like. In video the OnePlus Nord is similar to the OnePlus 8, which was released earlier this year. OnePlus Nord looks similar like OnePlus 8 with glossy looks back panel, curved edges, left sided camera strip with combinations of cameras and center allocated OnePlus logo. The difference between OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Nord is the Camera location, which OnePlus 8 located at center and Nord is on upper-left corner of phone back.

Changes In Design

The reveled pictures of the OnePlus Nord clearly indicating the slightly differences between OnePlus 8 and Nord. The pictures show the front of the phones, which shows the dual selfie camera is located on upper-left corner of the screen. OnePlus Nord device has thick and seemingly even bezels running all around the display. On the bottom of the phone, USB-C port for charging purpose and SIM tray appears in the picture.

Carl Pei told Marques, that the design of the OnePlus Nord change at the end of the phone manufacturing process, and because of the changes, the phone launch delayed about one month. This design changes keeps OnePlus Nord looks similar to the other flagship’s phones of OnePlus. Carl Pei shows the early prototypes of the OnePlus Nord, which is completely different in the design, which had cameras arrangement in L Shape on upper-left corner and some major differences in designs.

Launching Date

Carl Pei said OnePlus is planning to launch OnePlus Nord on 21st July 2020. As we said earlier the phone will be launching as budget phone, the price for Nord will be less than 500$. Nord will first launch in India and Europe. OnePlus has confirmed, the Nord will have 5G and Snapdragon 765G processor.

Pei also gave some other product information that will be launched on the same date of 21st July 2020 which is OnePlus Buds. In the video with Marques, Pei wearing the light blue model of the upcoming OnePlus Buds.

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