Seattle Seahawks lift the final trophy

Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks lift the final trophy

A touchdown with the score being 228 – 28 let the Seattle Seahawks lift the final trophy. Captain Bobby Wagner the middle linebacker mentioned about getting punched in the mouth the moment the rivals stepped into the field.

The Seahawks were having a shortage of 14 points and it seemed like the Cleveland Browns were on the verge to swoop their victory. Nonetheless, the sun showered its blessing on the Seahawks gaining them their third fourth-quarter comeback. The boys were appraised for imposing on gaining turnovers and focusing on nothing but attaining the ball. Coach Pete Carroll stated that he is lost on which moment to call his favorite.

First Half

A little into the first half Captain Wagner boosted the energy of his boys with a motivating talk. He stated, “I think we were trying to do too much in the beginning and I feel like it showed and it hurt us. Once we kind of settled down and everybody started playing with a cause we felt like we started to stop people.’’

Seahawks Took The Lead and Change The Game

The crust of the game was when the Seahawks took the lead during the third quarter. Though they lost it in the early stage of the fourth quarter succeeding a series of events which were called “crazy” by linebacker K.J. Wright. The series comprised of long delays due to the officials sorting out a fourth – down play wherein the Browns were seen to fumble the ball into the end zone. Browns nonetheless, argued that the touchdown was prior to the fumble but were unsuccessful. There were several men on the field from the side of Seattle, Browns was up for scoring another shot. The power rose when the Seahawks gathered up to stop Chubb for a loss of a yard. Towards the end Wilson turned in another MVP-level drive, finishing 3 of 3 passes for 33 yards and ran again for 8 yards, with a 15-yard pass to Tyler Lockett taking it to the 1, wherein a run was then scored by Chris Carson. Seahawks now have four wins in their pocket and each game each game has its own challenges to overcome.

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