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facebook news tab
facebook news tab

Washington: The big giant in social network “” now promote the journalism. On Friday they started their news section (Facebook News Tab) with professionally produced content.

“The news on Facebook will be a dedicated section which will deliver high quality journalism” said by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook) and Robert Thomson (CEO, News Corp) in New York.

The news section will be completely separate from Facebook normal feed section which will include news articles from their partner news organizations. The news articles will be completely different from the stories of Facebook normal feed.

News section will work on the algorithm which will work on base of user’s preferences and data. Facebook said reader would have “more control over the stories they see, and the ability to explore a wider range of their news interests, directly within the Facebook app.”

Mark Zuckerberg said, the news section is very important even if it is used by very few facebook users. He also said in coming days the news section will also available for other countries.

“We want to do something like this across the world as well” Zuckerberg said.

The social network has partnered with some 200 news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, CBS News, BuzzFeed, Fox News, the Boston Globe, Bloomberg and Vanity Fair.

Facebook said it would begin an initial test rollout which would “showcase local original reporting” from publications in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Washington, Miami, Atlanta and Boston.

Topic sections will be covered like Entertainment, Business, Health, Science, Sports and technology.

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