The Trump Cummings War

The Trump Cummings War

And now a new battle begins in the US, it is the Trump Cummings war. US President Donald Trump said on Twitter, on Saturday, “Rep, Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully,... Read more »
kissing bug

Kissing bug – Causing Illness Chagas Disease

The ‘kissing bug’ species is a brand new bug which can cause Chagas disease and found for the first time in Delaware, reported by CDC. What is Kissing Bug ? This bug... Read more »
Jeff Benzos

Jeff Benzos and MacKenzie finalize divorce; Jeff retains voting power after divorce

Jeff Benzos and Mackenzie announced their divorce finalization on twitter in separate posts, dissolving 25 years of marriage. Married in the early 90’s Jeff Benzos and MacKenzie got married in the early... Read more »
apple event 2019


Apple event 2019: After one week of approximately every day hardware upgrades leading till now, Apple, in conclusion, revealed its software information with a blitz of new payment services. Today presents Apple... Read more »
Canadian Budget 2019

Canadian Budget 2019, What Will Be?

Canadian Budget 2019, What Will Be? Though there is a federal election right around the bend, the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in hot waters, the hottest it has ever... Read more »