Elizabeth Warren Coming To Iowa

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren coming to Iowa. Just a day after she announced that she would be a running candidate in the next US Presidential campaign, US Senator Elizabeth Warren said over the coming weekend, she planned to visit four states in Iowa, namely Des Moines, Sioux City, Council Bluffs and Storm Lake. Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she hoped to talk to the Iowa people “about what’s happening in this country.”

The 1st Democratic Contestant

US Senator Elizabeth Warren is the first major Democratic candidate to take a formal step in the race for the 2020 US Presidential election bid. In the US primary elections, the state of Iowa, is the 1st state to vote.

It is believed that US Senator Elizabeth Warren has full intentions of sending a populist message to the voters of Iowa, just days after her announcement that she would be running for US President in 2020.

Why Is She In The US Presidential Race?

At the Massachusetts Statehouse, after a swearing-in ceremony for lawmakers of the state,

US Senator Elizabeth Warren said,

“Washington “works great for the wealthy and the well-connected” but that it needs to work for everybody else. This is a moment in America where people really want to get the focus back on the points that touch their lives, about things like student loans and what it costs to get a prescription filled.”

She also said that one of the main reasons why she was running for US President was the

decline of the American middle class. She said, “And that’s what this national campaign is all about as well. I am in this fight because I believe the government is working for the rich and the powerful. I believe that Washington is corrupt. I see it firsthand. That’s what pulls me in, that’s why I’m in this fight.”

What Are Her Chances Of Winning?

At the moment, Senator Elizabeth Warren is the most prominent of the Democrat contenders thus far. But this can fast change as there is expected to be a crowded field of Democrat contenders, all wanting to take over the White House in 2020, from President Donald Trump, who is a Republican.


Fact is Senator Elizabeth Warren, has been a favorite ‘target’ of US President Donald Trump, who incidentally happens to call her “Pocahontas”, the name being taken with reference to the claims of Senator Elizabeth Warren, of her having Native American heritage. On Monday, in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “All-American New Year”, US President Donald Trump said about Senator Elizabeth Warren,

“We’ll see how she does, I wish her well. I hope she does well. I’d love to run against her.”

Live On Instagram

Senator Elizabeth Warren also went live on Instagram and was quoted as saying,

“I’m gonna get me a beer. It’s one more way just to invite people into your home.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren drank a beer on Instagram Live. What beer was she having? “Michelob Ultra – the club soda of beers,” Warren said.

She further stated, “I wish I could just open the door and have lots of folks in but this is a way to do it, so that we get a chance talk about what’s going on.”

Her Thoughts On Running For US President 2020

“When I first started talking about running for office, a lot of people said to me, ‘Don’t let the consultants change you,’ and I’d always assured them that I wouldn’t allow it to happen. But like it or not, I had to change. Not because of a consultant, but because I started to understand the cost of a stupid mistake.” Senator Elizabeth Warren said.

About Her Iowa Trip

“One of the wonderful things about being able to get out and listen to people, to hear from people, to talk to people about the things that matter most in their lives.  Senator Elizabeth Warren said.

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