Canadian Man Arrested At Amsterdam Airport For Alleged Bomb Threat

Canadian Man Arrested At Amsterdam Airport For Alleged Bomb Threat

AMSTERDAM – At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport a 51-year-old Canadian man has been arrested after allegedly claiming he had a bomb by authorities .

The incident occurred Monday 31st December 2018 evening in one of the airport’s departure halls, said by Joanna Helmonds, a spokesperson for the border police agency in the Netherlands.

Joanna Helmonds also said  the hall was evacuated as a precaution.

She added police are continuing to investigate and that more information will be available on Tuesday.

She also says he is facing charges in connection to making a false bomb report.

Tweets by the border police say no explosives were found and the man was held in custody.The terminal was reopened after the arrest.

Further information, such as the man’s identity or what province he was from, is not available yet as the investigation is ongoing.

Clyde Evans

Clyde Evans is the lead editor for White Pine Tribune.  Clyde has been working as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade having published stories in many print and digital publications including, the Financial Post and the Huff Post Canada.  Clyde is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting his city and province. When he’s not busy writing, Trevor enjoys canoeing.

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