Canada Considers International Student Cap to Tackle Rising Unemployment and Housing Crisis

In response to the dual challenges of rising unemployment and a housing crisis, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, is actively exploring the possibility of implementing a cap on the number of international... Read more »
Major Changes to Canada's International Student Policies in 2024

Major Changes to Canada’s International Student Policies in 2024

Canada government, Immigration Minister “Marc Miller”, has release some serious changes to immigrant student policy which will take into effect from next year 1st January 2024. These policies aim to address longstanding... Read more »

Canada Total Shutdown For Christmas?

Quebec Minister François Lego has urged people not to gather for Christmas, but some experts want the province to go further with large-scale closures during the holiday season. Regarding this, Da Silva... Read more »
Swine Flu Virus In Canada

Swine Flu Virus In Canada?

In Canada, a person has now contracted a swine flu virus, which is one of the influenza viruses. The swine flu virus H1N2, is a type of mutation of H1N1, a common... Read more »
Canada digital tax from 2022

Canada Digital Tax From 2022

As long as the OECD countries have not yet agreed on a digital tax, Canada wants to introduce its own regulation. And so there will now be Canada digital tax from 2022... Read more »