George W Bush ‘Caught’ Giving Candy At Funeral To Michelle Obama

Yes, George W Bush caught giving candy at funeral to Michelle Obama and proof of this has been recorded for the whole world to see – for the rest of time. The 43rd President of the United States of America, George W Bush, was caught on camera, giving candy to Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack Obama, a Democrat and two-time President of the United States of America.

When And Where Did This Happen?

This took place at the funeral of senator John McCain. The ceremony was a very solemn one and lots of leaders were present to pay tribute. John McCain died at the age of 81, he had served in the Vietnam war.

It was during this very ceremony, that the actions of George W Bush were caught on film. There is now a video clip that has gone viral, that shows George W Bush passing candy to Michelle Obama. And what does the former first lady do? She smiles and thanks the former president.

Candy Or Mint Or…?

At the funeral of John McCain, the families of the former Presidents of America, were both sitting together. All of a sudden, a camera caught George W Bush, taking some candy or mint or some kind of sweet from his wife, Laura Bush and handing it over to Mrs. Obama who is believed to have said the words, “Thank you.”

Of course, this gave vent to all kinds of outbursts on Twitter, such as:

  • George Bush sneaking Michelle Obama some candy during John McCain’s funeral might be the video that saves the Republic. – Robert Maguire
  • The relationship between George W. Bush and Michelle Obama is still as cute as when I wrote this in 2016. – Caroline Kenny
  • I keep thinking of this. Such an ordinary gesture. So unexpectedly moving in an era that can seem starved of kindness, sweetness, basic human decency. – Mary Louise Kelly
  • Nothing brings Washington together like war or the death of ‘one of their own’. Whether they pretend to care about the ‘little guy’ or the ‘middle class’ they feed from the same trough: banks, corporations, AIPAC & KSA. They are parasites. – MarkGB

The Man Behind The Video

Who was the man who caught this video footage of George W. Bush passing the candy or mint or sweet to Mrs. Obama? Well, it was none other than a man named Roland Scahill.

Now who in the world is Mr. Scahill? He is a former theater agent. In the year 2017, he was convicted of fraud, as he conned many people, into investing in a play which did not even exist. This seems like a big break for Roland Scahill now, one in which he is definitely in the limelight. The video clip of Mr. Scahill, that shows George W. Bush passing the candy to Michelle Obama, is only 4 seconds long. But that 4 seconds, has captured the attention of the world. In fact, this has been re-Tweeted, more than 111,000 times.

Interesting Points To Ponder:

  • Was this a deliberate attempt at publicity?
  • Surely Mr. Bush was well aware of the fact that there would be cameras on him?
  • When accepting what Mr. Bush was giving her, even Mrs. Obama would have known that cameras would be capturing that moment?
  • What was the reason for Mr. Bush to give the candy or whatever, to the former first lady?
  • People are saying that all of this is very touching, but what could be touching if it was all “staged” for the purpose of generating publicity?

What Is The Truth Then?

Was it all one big stunt to get publicity? What was the real motive for the passing of mint or candy or whatever by the former US President George W. Bush to the former First Lady of America, Michelle Obama? We will never know the real truth!

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