Two Accidents In Jasper Kill Six And Wound 10

Two accidents resulted in a total of six fatalities and 10 injuries, two of which are in critical condition Tuesday night on Highway 93 in Jasper National Park in western Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Jasper was named for a first accident that occurred at approximately 5 pm 5 kilometers south of Sunwapta Falls.

A pickup truck heading north collided with a vehicle traveling south. The preliminary inquiry suggests that there was a head-on collision. After the accident, both vehicles caught fire. Another car subsequently went off the road to avoid the collision.

The five occupants of the van were all members of a visiting family from the United States. Two of them were found dead on the spot, while two others were transported to Edmonton hospitals in a very serious condition. The fifth occupant, a young child, was transported to Jasper Hospital but suffered no injuries.

In the vehicle traveling south were four people, all of whom were dead. No further information on these people is available at this time. Two other people were in a third vehicle that left the road. They suffered only minor injuries.

Another accident happened 2 kilometers away from the first at about 9:20 pm He injured six people, who had to be transported to Jasper Hospital in a stable condition.

This very touristy road, which connects Jasper National Park and Banff National Park, was closed to traffic much of the night. The highway was reopened in both directions at 4:30 am Wednesday.

Two analysts in collision with the RCMP are investigating.

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