Win ice cream for a year by finding the origin of a bad smell

fIn Calgary, the owner of a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Shop offers ice cream for a year to anyone who finds the source of a bad smell that has been invading the restaurant since it opened.

Desperate, Sujad Bandali, the owner of the store, promises to offer a Blizzard a week for a year to anyone who finds the origin of the mystery that has lasted since 2015.

“It smells like gas, propane, rotten eggs,” he says. “As soon as you enter, it takes you to the nose, then it fades,” he adds.

The smell was detected for the first time only a few hours before the restaurant opened. “We were panicked because we thought there was a gas leak. The firefighters came, the electrical service employees moved … They tested everything and found nothing, “he recalls.

Several other attempts at explanation have been made, but none has been conclusive. Hence the idea of ​​appealing to customers. ” I am desperate. I feel guilty when I look at my clients, “he laments.

The one-year supply of free ice cream has been on display for only a few days and already several customers have suggested ideas to Sujad Bandali. But, for the moment, the origin of the smell remains indeterminate, the mystery remains whole and the lot is always to win.

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