China, Guangdong Being Tested, After New COVID Cases

China, Guangdong Being Tested, After New COVID Cases
China, Guangdong Being Tested, After New COVID Cases

Monday, 31 May 2021, China announce anti-coronavirus travel control on Southern province of Guangdong. Whoever wants to leave the populous region, need to be tested negative for COVID-19 virus infection. There is spike in COVID cases, which alarmed authorities. Guangdong (formerly Canton), a coastal province of southeast China, borders Hong Kong and Macau recorded 20 new confirmed cases. 20 cases which is contracted locally in only 24 Hours of time Sunday 30th May 2021.

As per report, the cases in Guangdong is very low as compared to other countries worldwide, but this little spike may be disturbing Chinese politicians who thought they had the disease under control.

Authorities took immediate action on people who leaving the Guangdong by plane, train, bus or private vehicles after this confirm cases found. Travelers must present results of nucleic acid test within past 72 hours. Authorities setup quick testing stations for truck drivers and other travelers on major roads.

The government of the provincial capital Guangzhou, ordered bulk testing centers locally after spike in infection found beginning May 21. Guangzhou is a business center of 15 million people. The government said 700,000 people had been tested through last Wednesday.

Guangzhou residents were ordered to stay home for door to door testing. Some areas kept closed their shops like baby care centers, outdoor market facilities and outdoor dining facilities. China had relaxed most of the restrictions on domestic travel Chinese government declared the virus under control on last March. But travelers from abroad still being tested.

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