7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Southern Philippines, Triggering Tsunami Alert

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Southern Philippines, Triggering Tsunami Alert
7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Southern Philippines, Triggering Tsunami Alert

Saturday, 2nd December 2023, A powerful earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 7.6 hit the Philippines southern coast, which caused panic situation in locals. The official authorities issued the evacuation orders after recieved its a a tsunami warning.

US Geological Survey shows, the earthquake struck at 10:37 PM (Local Time) and its had a depth of 32 Kilometers (20 miles). There were no such reports or local news of damages or casualties till the time.

Tsunami Warning

Based on initial magnitude records and certain location of the incident, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center predication was the tsunami waves hitting the southern Philippines and parts of Indonesia, Palau, and Malaysia. But warning takes back after threat had passed. According to official statement, Minor sea level fluctuation are possible in some coastal areas.

After some time, a smaller earthquake about a magnitude of 6.4 hits the sothern part of the philippines. The Philippines, which is located in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” are used to face regular earthquakes and volcanic events.

Japan Issued Immediate Evacuation Orders for Okinawa

The Authorities of Japan, issued immediate evacuation orders in major parts of Okinawa, which affects thousands of residents. Although there were no immediate casualties or damage reported in the Philippines, witnesses described the earthquake as powerful, with appliances falling off shelves, TV sets breaking, and motorcycles collapsing.

Hinatuan police Sergeant Joseph Lambo said “Right now, we don’t have reports of damage or casualties,” , but people are evacuating because of the tsunami alert.” Almost 45,000 families informed to leave their houses.

Dyl Constantino, who was on Siargao Island northeast of Mindanao at the time of the quake, informed it as the “longest and strongest earthquake” he had ever felt, lasting approximately four minutes. Constantino said “We’re used to earthquakes here, but this one was different because the doors were really shaking, and so we were all panicking,”.

As Official authorities continue monitoring current situation, they requests residents to be alert and follow any furthe instructions, which ensures their safety. This incident reminds the region’s seismic risks and the importance of being prepare for natural disasters

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