Trade War

Foreign Investment Law By China To End Trade War

Foreign Investment Law By China To End Trade War? US President Donald Trump has issued demands for the Trade War to come to an end between the United States of America and... Read more »
Trump Or Cohen?

Who’s The Liar Now? Trump Or Cohen?

Who’s the liar now? Trump or Cohen? According to a BuzzFeed News report, US President Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, to lie to the US Congress. But the US... Read more »

Crude Oil Problem For Canada

Crude Oil Problem For Canada ? Oil producers in Canada are facing problem. Since last year, the global demand for oil has been on the rise and to meet this increase in... Read more »
crude oil

$20 A Barrel Crude In Canada

$20 a barrel crude in Canada! It is the season for refinery maintenance in the USA, this combined with suffocating regulations and loads and loads of pipeline constraints, has proved to be... Read more »

Trump Dumps US Canada Relationship

Finally the NAFTA deal has been signed between Canada and the USA, although under a new name – U.S.M.C.A. (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). But does that mean that things will all be back... Read more »