Latest Innovations Making Headlines in the Global Packaging Industry

Latest Innovations Making Headlines in the Global Packaging Industry
Latest Innovations Making Headlines in the Global Packaging Industry

Allied Glass Invests €45m to Reconstruct Leeds Factory

In June 2022, Allied Glass, an independently owned premium glass bottle manufacturer based in the U.S., announced that it invested nearly €45 million to redevelop its factory located in Leeds. The company is looking forward to deploying Emhart machines that would be able to double and even triple gob manufacturing. The cold end lines will also be replaced with palletisers and new lines from MSK, as well as a novel inspection system from Tiama. At the same time, the company is aiming to invest more £1 million for the decoration of its latest facility during the second half of 2022 to expand its customer base across the globe. 

Frugalpac Sells its First Paper Bottle Machine to KinsBrae Packaging

In June 2022, Frugalpac, a sustainable packaging manufacturer headquartered in the U.K., sold its first ever paper bottle machine to KinsBrae Packaging, a provider of high performance, premium packaging based in Canada. The machine is called the Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine or FBAM-1. The machine can produce more than two and a half million bottles per year and several LCBO stores in Ontario are already selling wine in Frugal bottles. The company is aiming to meet the local U.S. and Canada demand for 120 million Frugal bottle enquiries received by Frugalpac. The high demand for sustainable forms of packaging from customers across North America encouraged the company to develop its paper bottle manufacturing machine. 

Vetroplas Provides Packaging Solutions to REN Clean Skincare

In June 2022, Vetroplas, which is a manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions based in the U.K., completed its new packaging for REN Clean Skincare brand in partnership with Eurovetrocap. REN Clean Skincare launched two unique luxury products, namely, REN Glow and Protect Serum and REN Evercalm Barrier Elixir. Both these products are available in the market in 30ml clear glass bottles. These new bottles were provided by Vetroplas’ Laura and Elsa range, respectively. The serum includes a white nitrillic rubber bulb, as well as a pre-consumer recycled collar dropper. REN Clean Skincare chose the company for meeting its packaging needs to fulfill its Zero Waste pledge. It wanted to ensure that the packaging is designed to be reusable or recyclable. 

BrandME Transformed the Packaging of nākd Snack Brand

In June 2022, BrandME, a business management consultant operating in the U.K., revamped the look of nākd, a gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free snack brand based in Hertfordshire. The agency worked with the latter to develop the brand strategy, as well as helped it to position its name and create a new packaging design. BrandMe’s main challenge was to improve the recognition of nākd’s iconic identity. At the same time, it wanted to balance the brand’s unprocessed and pure products with delicious taste. The new look of its packaging provides a message of consistency, joy, and vibrancy. BrandME also wanted to resonate with today’s health-conscious consumers and make them believe that great-tasting snacks can also be healthy.

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