Pre-Independence Day Rally “Save America” by Trump

Pre-Independence Day Rally “Save America” by Trump

Donald Trump, Former president of United States of America held a rally in Florida. The day before the Independence Day, 4th July Trump held his much awaited “Save America” rally at Sarasota Fairgrounds in Florida. This is the second rally by Donald Trump for “Save America”, He also held a rally in month of June in Ohio. Trump had pointed US President joe Biden, about his performance as current president of US and he also blame current administration for the rising criminal activities in major cities.

On Saturday rally for his campaign “Save America” Donald Trump criticised New York prosecutors for accusing his company, the Trump Organization with his financial adviser, Allen Weisselberg. He also stated this accusation as “prosecutorial misconduct”. News agencies reported, this event will also be featured with a grand firework for “US Independence Day” on 4th July.

Trump told the crowd gathered at the rally.

“They’ve mobilized every power of government to come after me, my family, my wonderful employees, and my company solely because of politics.”

On 3rd July Event, Trump repeated his false claim for his losses in 2020 election for president because of fraud. He also encourages his supporters to come back his allies in midterm campaigns as Republicans fight to take back controls from Democratic Party next year.

Rally at Sarasota had crowd from all ages and nationalities, which was also include lot of Latin American supporters of former president Donald Trump. This was all-day event which was in support for former president Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” MEGA campaign.

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