New iPhone release date could delay a month

New iPhone release date could delay a month
New iPhone release date could delay a month

The smart phone leader Apple Inc, also affected by coronavirus outbreak over the world. Apple’s release their new version of iPhone every year. But this year 2020, Apple also threatened by the coronavirus outbreak, Because iPhone 12 and iPhone 9 is getting delayed to release this year 2020.

According to source, the iPhone 12 releasing date is not confirmed yet and it could be delaying a month. Sources said, they are expecting the delayed in released date for new iPhones due to supply issues as well as the weaker demand environment from COVID-19.

There are multiple reports of closing factories due to coronaviruses outbreak in China. Last week Apple biggest partner Foxconn announced, as they did not get back with full capacity until the March end.

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the economy overall as the number of cases has surged 100,000 worldwide and more than 3,500 case of death count. Markets also responding as coronavirus spreading over the world. The Bloomberg report says that Apple could face demand issues in other regions should the U.S. fall into a recession.

The iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE) was reportedly going to launch at a late March event, but that now seems highly unlikely. The phone is expected to cost $399 and five Apple a formidable competitor to Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a. A three-delay would put the launch of the iPhone around June, which is when Apple’s WWDC 2020 event was due to kick off. But that event maybe postponed as well.

As for the iPhone 12, that is supposed to be the first Apple phone with built-in 5G capability, but a month delay does not seem that drastic so long as Apple is able to hit the holiday shopping window.

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