Explosive Packages found at London Airports and Waterloo Stations

Explosive Packages found at London Airports and Waterloo Stations
Explosive Packages found at London Airports and Waterloo Stations

London: Explosive Packages found at London Airports and Waterloo Stations. 5th March, Tuesday evening, three suspicious packages which contained explosive devices found at three different locations across London which includes buildings near Heathrow Airport, Waterloo Station and London City Airport.

After the information received, Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism command launched an investigation. The explosive devices found at the three different locations categorized as improvised explosive bombs by the Metropolitan Police. One of the package triggered mild explosion, and others two package were disable by the Bomb disposal squad on location. The Package found at locations were A4 sized white postal bag.

By sources, no arrests were made until the date, and there are no flight delays, but Metropolitan Police said the command is treating the incidents as linked and keeping an open mind investigation.

“We are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry. One such line is the possibility that the packages have come from Ireland,” said Commander Clarke Jarrett, head of the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command.

“We quickly shared images of the Explosive Packages with staff at transport hubs and mail handling companies and offices, to aid them in identifying similar packages, however we have not received any further reports,” he said.

“We have issued extensive advice to transport hubs and mail sorting companies to be vigilant for and report suspicious packages to police, as always we encourage anyone who sees something suspicious to report it,” added Jarrett.

The Gardai, Ireland’s police force, confirmed it was assisting the Met Police with its inquiries. There are fears that pro Republicans, who have historically been against Northern Ireland being aligned to the UK, may be behind the incidents.

What it cause ?

This incident of three Explosive Packages, did not affect any local, flight and railway services. Humans were removed from City Aviation House at City Airport and Heathrow’s Compass Centre, where the packages were sent.

History Says…

There have been similar letter-bomb incidents involving Irish dissidents in Britain and Northern Ireland in 2013 and 2014.

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