Trump “Not Happy” With Border Deal But Shutdown Unlikely

Trump “Not Happy” With Border Deal But Shutdown Unlikely

The American President, Donald Trump said he is quite reluctant about the tentative spending border deal, however, he doesn’t believe that the government would shut down again. Even though Trump did not think that abrupt government shutdown would take place, the folks seem to believe as if the American President is agreed to signing the agreement with the government which won’t give him the demanded financial assistance for building the US-Mexican wall. According to the reports, Trump is neither pumped nor happy to sign such contract but he still says that government won’t shut down for the second time.

This response of the American President is against the agreement brought in by Democratic lawmakers and Republicans who are willing to provide around $1.4 billion for building the US-Mexican wall and investing in other such country’s security measures. The amount was not close to the money demanded by Donald Trump i.e. $5.7 billion for this purpose. However, the Republican and Government presented it in such a way that it looks feasible agreement to please both sides. The Republican also wanted to get Trump to abandon his threat of shutting the government down by this border deal.

Not only does the lawmakers but members of the Congress party too convinced the President to accept the amount granted. In fact, one of the superior Republican representatives even considered it as an effective deal. According to Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, the contract will soon be filed.

Border Dispute

The funds offered by the Republican and Lawmakers are sufficient to construct around 55 miles of US-Mexican walls including the security border. Even though there already exists a considerable length of barriers set across the United States and Mexico border, the American President believes that the United States requires more borders and walls to prevent the entrance of invaders in the country. According to the Democrats, Donald Trump widely overemphasises the crime issues and utilizes this problem to increase his voter base.

Last year during December, the US president put all his efforts to convince his government into approving his demand of $5.7 billion. In fact, he did not agree to accept the funding swaths of the Congress (which wasn’t even associated with the wall construction), putting a lot of essential activities on hold for weeks. However, the government still declined to accept Trump’s demand and the result was an upsetting withdrawal, enabling further negotiations to take place with a strict deadline. According to the sources, the government isn’t looking forward to refusing Trump’s demand this time and rather decided to sign a compromising agreement which the lawmakers and Republican says is sufficient to construct walls and borders. Even though Trump had initially said that he would shut down the government if his demand is not approved this time, he seems to back off from his threat and accept what is on the table. Since the day he was elected as an American President, he has been raising the slogan of “Finish the Walls”.

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