Alberta Under Extreme Heat Warning

A heat warning is in effect Monday for several regions of Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer. The mercury should reach 29 degrees Celsius, before falling again Tuesday.

It is recommended that the inhabitants of the regions concerned, as well as the tourists who stay there, take the necessary precautions to protect themselves:

  • Try to postpone any outdoor activity to cooler hours of the day;
  • Take frequent breaks of heat by spending time indoors in air-conditioned buildings (such as shopping malls and indoor pools);
  • Drink lots of water and other non-alcoholic drinks and no caffeine to stay hydrated;
  • Avoid leaving a person or animal inside a closed vehicle, even for a short time.

The symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion should also be monitored: high body temperature, little or no perspiration, confusion, fainting and unconsciousness.

Particular attention must be paid to vulnerable people, children, the elderly, people with lung or heart disease or kidney or nervous system problems, mental health problems or diabetes, people working at the hospital. as well as those who are socially isolated.

Heat warnings are issued when very high temperatures are expected and could pose an increased risk to health by causing disorders such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

On Monday, a depression will begin to cross Alberta, bringing thunderstorms and cooler weather for Tuesday. In southeastern Alberta, high temperatures are currently expected to return Wednesday and Thursday.

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