Canadian Grown Non-Browning Apples Approved for Sale – In the USA

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the genetically modified non-browning apple known as the Arctic Apple for sale.

The GMO fruit product comes from British Columbia-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits. The company developed a special growing process that prevents the apple from creating a particular enzyme responsible for the apple’s flesh turning yellow & brown as it oxidizes.

The fruit will be a potential boon in select US markets. It was previously seen as a viable product in the nation’s school lunch program. The enhanced apples can stay on store shelves long past their regular counterparts.

The first two product lines from Okanagan Specialty Fruits will be the Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny varieties of apples. They are by far two of the more popular brands of apples.

In making the decision to deregulate the apples, the USDA cited the fact that the impact on human beings from the genetically modified fruit is considered to be quite low. Nor did the USDA consider the fruits to pose much a threat to plant life.

Naturally, the producers are thrilled to have such a major market open up to their fruit. The street price for the apples isn’t known, but they are expected to reach store shelves towards the end of next year.

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