Family Day: What Is Open And Closed

Family Day is a new holiday that has been added to the calendar for Canada. The placement of this holiday is specifically designed to break up the long period of winter that comes between New Years and Easter.

The third Monday in February has been designated as the day when family members and friends get together to celebrate. Not coincidentally, the holiday is on the same day as Presidents Day in the United States. Family Day has been celebrated in Alberta since the 1990s. But it was first celebrated in Ontario in 2008.

Most of the usual family attractions are open on Family Day. Movie theaters and stage shows that are normally open on Monday will be open. It is a good idea to check times, since some live theaters are regularly closed on Mondays. Shopping is always a favorite activity, and that can be done at the Eaton Centre or in the Downtown Yonge area.

City offices, daycares, and schools will all be closed. Likewise, banks and liquor stores will not be open. It might be a good idea to stock up on any food items needed for the holiday since many grocery stores will not be open that day.

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