Bumps in US – China Trade

Bumps in US – China Trade

The superpower warriors cracked a deal namely ‘phase one’ in order to put a full stop to their trade war. “Phase one” was known to cut off tariffs in discussion that Chinese... Read more »

Huawei – America having soft corner for China?

A new 90-day extension was granted on Monday to China’s Huawei Technologies under Trump’s reign. This allows US companies to carry on their operations China’s Huawei as the controllers continue drafting regulations for... Read more »
Canadian meat

And Now China Bans Canadian Meat

And now China bans Canadian meat, so what do you think is going to happen next? China claimed that they had found 188 ‘counterfeit’ veterinary certificates for meat that had been labeled... Read more »
Trade War

Foreign Investment Law By China To End Trade War

Foreign Investment Law By China To End Trade War? US President Donald Trump has issued demands for the Trade War to come to an end between the United States of America and... Read more »

The Truth Behind The US China ‘Trade War’

What is the truth behind the US China ‘trade war’? China called off talks that were recently scheduled between the US, reason being, President Trump’s decision to go ahead with U.S. $200... Read more »