WHO get $30 million more from China

WHO get $30 million more from China
WHO get $30 million more from China

China, Beijing: Thursday, China announced 30 million US Dollar to World Health Organization (WHO) to fight against the corona virus pandemic. The announcement made after Washington said, it would stop funding.

The biggest contributor united states accused the WHO organization in last week for mismanaging the COVID-19 crisis.

The spokesman of Foreign ministry Geng Shuang said, the new donation of 30 million US Dollar is addition to the previous donation of 20 million US Dollar as previously committed. He said, this donation will help to strengthen health system of countries. Later he said, the China contribution to UN Agency reflects the support and trust of the Chinese government and people for the WHO.

Why Trump Accused WHO?

Last week, US President Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization for covering up the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak in China before its massive spread across the world. President also charged the WHO for being “very China Centric” despite Washington heavy funding. Trump also stated, US taxpayers spend about $400 to $500 million US dollar every year to funding to World Health Organization. Where China share is roughly $40 million and less per year towards WHO.

Trump also pointed, the outbreak of COVID-19 could have been very little death rate, if the WHO handled the situation in china correctly.

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