USA EU Transatlantic Partnership Makes Ties Stronger

USA EU Transatlantic Partnership Makes Ties Stronger
USA EU Transatlantic Partnership Makes Ties Stronger

The European Commission and the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, presented a proposal for a future-oriented USA EU transatlantic partnership agenda.

The new agenda has four goals: a healthier world, protecting our planet, leading trade and technology, global action and security. The agenda outlines first steps towards a joint approach that would serve as the first transatlantic roadmap to address key challenges and seize opportunities.

While geopolitical power shifts and bilateral tensions have put ties to the test in recent years, the victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, represents an opportunity to set a new USA EU transatlantic partnership for global cooperation, based on shared values, to chart interests and global influence.

The EU called on the US to join its global leadership role in global cooperation, in the Corona crisis, in protecting lives and livelihoods and in the recovery of economies and societies. The EU wants to work with the US to secure funding for the development and equitable distribution of vaccines, tests and treatments around the world, develop joint response capacities, facilitate the trade in essential medical supplies and strengthen and reform the World Health Organization.

The EU and the US share a common fundamental interest in strengthening democracy, upholding international law, supporting sustainable development and promoting human rights around the world. A USA EU transatlantic partnership which is strong, will be vital for supporting democratic values and also for conflict resolution, regional stability and prosperity.

The EU proposes setting up a transatlantic green agenda, coordinating positions and jointly leading global agreements, starting with a shared commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

EU proposals include a joint trade and climate initiative, measures to prevent the shifting of CO2 emissions, an alliance for green technologies, a global set of rules for sustainable financing, joint leadership in the fight against deforestation and increased protection of the oceans.

The EU is also endeavoring to coordinate joint EU-US responses to promote regional and global stability, to strengthen transatlantic and international security, including a new EU-US security and defense dialogue and to strengthen the multilateral system.

The EU wants to work closely with the US to end bilateral trade disputes through negotiated solutions, to lead reform of the World Trade Organization and to set up a new EU-US Council on Trade and Technology.

In addition, the EU proposes to set up a specific dialogue with the US, on the responsibility of online platforms and Big Tech, to work together on development of a common approach for the protection of critical technologies and also for market distortions and fair taxation. Artificial intelligence, data flows and cooperation on regulation and standards, are also part of the EU proposals, in the USA EU transatlantic partnership.

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