11th May 2022, Google I/O: An Affordable Smartphone Pixel 6A, Pixel Smartwatch, Android 13

Google I/O
11th May 2022, Google I/O: An Affordable Smartphone Pixel 6A, Pixel Smartwatch, Android 13

Coming few days on 11th May 2022, Google I/O is scheduled which is normally held as annual developer’s conference. But as per sources, google also going to announce list of new devices launch as well, which includes google pixel phone, pixel watch and new operating system update launch which will name as Android 13.

Google I/O 2022 is schedule on 11th May 2022, which can be attend virtually by using the platform such as Google I/O website, Google I/O YouTube Channel and through Google I/O’s various social media platforms. The announcements of launching new range of devices and Android 13 will be interest for google fans.

There are countless rumors floating around on social media platforms about Google Pixel phone and other devices such as Google’s first wearable devices the pixel watch etc. As per analytics, over 70% of mobile devices worldwide running on Android OS, so there is now huge demand and waiting for new Android launch as google launch OS versions every year at the conference. So, Google I/O 2022 have more excitements with new devices launch and official preview of Android 13. Google already released the beta version for Android 13.

Android 13 will be upgrade over Android 12 operating system which is expected no-so-major upgrade over its former operating system Android 12. It might bring some improvements and bug fixes. There will be some features expected from coming operating system for Android

Pixel 6A

Google is planning to announce the affordable versions of its smartphone pixel series and it’s expected to launch the Pixel 6A at this Google I/O conference. As per rumors, the Pixel 6A will be a version of Pixel 6 smartphone which has higher price range. It is expected to come up with 90Hz OLED panel, a modern performance chipset and multiple camera setup.

Pixel Watch

There have been multiple prominent leaks for Google Pixel Watch and it’s been in news and rumours for quite some time now. Android users are waiting to see the Pixel Watch in nearby stores, which will be google new product and first wearable watch series. It’s not confirmed but rumoured that, watch will come in multiple colors and two different sizes.

Google is also planning to launch the its new Nest Hub this year at Google I/O conference. It might be detachable screen, which can be separate or detach from its dock and use as the tablet screen. There is no confirmed date for exact launch of new Nest Hub.

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