Ansar Allah Houthis To Be Declared Terrorists

Ansar Allah Houthis To Be Declared Terrorists
Ansar Allah Houthis To Be Declared Terrorists

The administration of US President Donald Trump is preparing to declare the Yemeni movement Ansar Allah, a terrorist organization.

Such a move threatens to undermine international efforts to provide assistance to Yemen, as well as efforts to achieve a peaceful settlement in the country with the mediation of the UN. The UN and international humanitarian organizations have tried to dissuade the Trump administration from declaring the Houthis terrorists, however, apparently, such a decision is inevitable.

It is noted that the UN special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, as well as Sweden and Germany, have insisted on Washington’s refusal to take such a step. The US Department of Defense and State Department experts are also opposed to this.

In Yemen, since August 2014, the confrontation between the government forces and the Houthis who seized power in the country, continues.

On November 13, 2020, in Saudi Arabia, two mined boats were destroyed on their way to the floating platform of an oil distribution station, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Energy said.

The Ansar Allah Houthis, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack on the Kingdom’s authorities was called vile and threatening not only Saudi Arabia, but also to the stability of world oil supplies.

According to a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Energy, the vessels were remotely launched by Yemeni Houthis rebels. During the operation to destroy the boats, a fire broke out.

Since March 2015, an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, has been fighting on the side of the internationally recognized government, with President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Last September, Saudi oil facilities were attacked, using drones and missiles. The attack led to a reduction in Riyadh’s oil production and a jump in prices for this raw material.

In response to constant air strikes on territories under the rule of the Ansar Allah Houthis in northern Yemen, rebels are shelling Saudi areas bordering with Yemen, in particular, oil facilities and airports.

Is it then justified for the administration of US President Donald Trump, to declare as terrorists, Ansar Allah Houthis?

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