Police arrested a man on terrorism offences in UK

Capital London has a terrorist attack this Tuesday in Parliament. An uncontrolled car collided with security barriers outside the Parliament building. Two people were injured in this incident, but soon after the accident, police arrested the driver of the car.

According to the people present on this silver-colored car, it seemed as if someone deliberately hit the car with a barrier. Police have called this incident a terrorist incident.

In connection with the incident, a 20-year-old youth has been arrested in terror suspect.According to a Scottish police spokesman, there was no other person in the car and no weapons were found near him.

After this incident, UK Terryza Mein expressed condolences to the injured in the incident in Westminster area and thanked the emergency services.
This incident occurred at 7:37 local time in London yesterday morning. Evelina Okab, who was present at the scene, said that the attack seems to have been deliberate. The car was in a fast pace and rose to the barriers. Meanwhile, he heard a very loud voice on the other side of the road and there was no scream. When Okab was back, he saw the car had crashed.According to another eyewitness, it is not normal for a person to ride a fast speed in Parliament.

Terrorist incidents have happened even last year

In March last year, a terrorist named Khalid Masood killed a policeman along with a policeman and killed him with a knife. However, he was shot at the scene. This was the first of five terror incidents that took place in Britain last year, whose wires were linked to the terrorists.

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