Mark Zuckerberg faces summons for ignore canada

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg faces summons for ignore canada

Canada, 28th May 2019 Tuesday all the lawmakers from various countries blasted the top authorities of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and the reason being ducking a request in order to appear in the session which resulted in global frustration and was laid bare during the international hearing.

Canada’s house of commons took the step which they hardly prefer of approving an open ended summons for the top executive duo as the lawmakers were peeved by the no-show. For the upcoming days, if any of the duo set their foot in Canada they will be supposed to appear before a parliamentary committee for the jurisdiction over the techy issues. If they fail to do so the Canadian lawmakers will threaten a vote to hold them in contempt of Parliament.

“I am sick to death of sitting through hours of platitudes from Facebook and avoidance tactics”, said Jo Stevens, MP of UK, he then added, “I want the boss here to take responsibility”.

It was the second time when Zuckerberg CEO, Co-founder and chairman of Facebook brushed off the invitation to appear before the legislative body right after he failed to attend a parliamentary hearing in London last year.

Stevens also said,” he wouldn’t come to answer our questions in London at our parliament, so we have come across the Atlantic to make it easier for him” also he said that “we can only conclude that Zuckerberg is afraid of scrutiny”.

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