Kissing bug – Causing Illness Chagas Disease

kissing bug
kissing bug

The ‘kissing bug’ species is a brand new bug which can cause Chagas disease and found for the first time in Delaware, reported by CDC.

What is Kissing Bug ?

This bug is technically famous with the name of ‘triatomine insect’  which carries a parasite known as ‘Trypanosoma Cruzi’. These bugs are sometimes called as kissing bugs because they often bite humans near their lips during they sleep. It can cause Chagas disease to the humans if transmitted the bacteria which can result into strokes and heart disease.

“In July 2018, a family from Kent County, Delaware, reached the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) and the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) to demand help recognizing a bug that had chomped their youngster’s face while she was sitting in front of the TV in her room amid the late night hours,” the new CDC explanation says. “The guardians were worried about conceivable malady transmission from the creepy crawly. Upon examination, DPH discovered that the family dwelled in a more established single-family home almost an intensely lush region. A window cooling unit was situated in the room where the chomp happened.”

Kissing Bug Causes ?

The kissing bug gives you Chagas disease but not in the way a mosquito gives you a virus. But, Chagas is spread via it’s feces. “If the kissing bug bites you and it has a blood meal and then it defecates and then you scratch that area and rub it into the wound or rub your eyes, you could become infected,” Paula Stigler-Granados, PhD, right hand educator at Texas State University’s School of Health Administration, recently told Health.

It suggests that your chances of getting infected are low and there are many events that can cause you Chagas disease, especially if you are living the U.S. The people who are ill in US contracted it in Latin America and here the parasite which causes the illness is more common.  “Only a few cases of Chagas disease from contact with the bugs have been documented in this country,” says CDC. Report adds that to date there is not evidence of the visibility of parasite which causes Chagas disease in Delaware.

PS : Statement by CDC and Paula haven’t changed. As will come as it is.

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