Calgary Children’s Festival canceled due to lack of funds

After 32 years of existence, the Calgary International Children’s Festival has announced that it is closing and will not be held in 2019.

The decision disappointed one of the founders of Calgary’s spectacular Inuk Touzin Theater. “I’m disappointed and a little concerned that we are closing a theater festival. The theater is fragile, “says the director.

“It’s important for me that children have access to the imaginary world that the theater offers. Children need to be stimulated and not just cooked, like what they receive on TV or movies, “he adds.

Carrie Clarke, the festival’s board chair, says the festival could not cover her expenses.

“The economic downturn in recent years has caused us to lose several corporate sponsorships and we can not get others,” she says.

The Calgary International Children’s Festival was held in May and hosted local and international artists for a few days. Many French schools sent their students there.

“There were multilingual rooms. It was very accessible. And that answers a very important need, too, of the school community, “says Inouk Touzin.

“For schools, it’s an outing and the opportunity to have a choice, to go see this or that show. In addition, there are several local theaters that are geared to young audiences in Calgary. So, I find it unfortunate that they have less opportunity to happen, “Touzin concludes.

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