Trade War To Escalate Between US And China?

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Canadian Dollar Costlier Than US Buck

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Leading country in terms of children suicide: Canada

Statistical report depicts Canada’s inclusive reputation as a secure place for the upbringing of children is contradicted by statistics depicting high rates of children suicide, child abuse, their fight with mental issues.... Read more »

Canada to Stick to its Decision Against the US in NAFTA Talks

Statements & Talks Prior to the joint news conference held on March 5, 2018, on the conclusion of the 7th round of NAFTA talks in Mexico and Mexico City, the flags of... Read more »

Huawei Bites Apple To Occupy #2 Spot In Smartphone Market

Huawei bites Apple to occupy #2 spot in smartphone market, unbelievable as it may appear, but the shocking fact is that it is absolutely true. Huawei has actually beaten Apple and taken... Read more »