EU Leaders Work Towards Peace in Israel-Palestine Talks

Leaders from European countries came together in Brussels to talk about the recent problems between Israel and Palestine. The agenda behind this talk was to find a way to peace from the... Read more »

U.S. House Authorizes Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden Amidst Republican Allegations

Washington, D.C., December 14, 2023 – Following a party-line vote of 221-212 on December 13, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden in a historic... Read more »
Biden Comments on Trump's Mugshot as Legal Troubles Escalate

Biden Comments on Trump’s Mugshot as Legal Troubles Escalate

Washington D.C. US President Joe Biden made light-hearted remarks about his predecessor’s recent mugshot, while also addressing his own opinions on the ongoing legal troubles faced by former President Donald Trump. Trump... Read more »
Joe Biden warns China of the consequences of threatening America!

Joe Biden Warns China Of The Consequences Of Threatening America

If China Threatens Us, We Will Act! This was the Biden warning to China! But, US President Joe Biden is determined to work with China, where American interests could be advanced for... Read more »