TikTok ban in America

After India, Will Tiktok Ban In America?

A new bill has been introduced by a U.S. senators’ bipartisan group and this bill seeks to give the federal government broad powers to regulate and even ban foreign-made technology, including TikTok. ... Read more »
Iran nuclear bomb can be made in 12 days says America!

Iran Nuclear Bomb Can Be Made In 12 Days Says America

The statement that Iran can make enough material for a Iranian nuclear bomb in about 12 days, is a concerning development for the international community.  This Revelation Raises The Question Of whether... Read more »
Joe Biden warns China of the consequences of threatening America!

Joe Biden Warns China Of The Consequences Of Threatening America

If China Threatens Us, We Will Act! This was the Biden warning to China! But, US President Joe Biden is determined to work with China, where American interests could be advanced for... Read more »

Feast your eyes to “Challenger” the Eagle this Saturday at Marion

America’s favorite bald eagle “Challenger” is known to step foot at 2 p.m. in Marion for all his fans to meet and greet them prior to his presentation at the Lincoln Theater.... Read more »
whose America is it

Whose America Is It?

Makes sense to ask the question whose America is it, based on what was said by Michelle Obama to the US President Donald Trump, “Not My America Or Your America. Our America.”... Read more »