Summer camp at Glenrose Hospital to train children’s brains

A dozen children meet at the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton for a unique summer camp. Suffering from cerebral palsy, they try to improve their physical mobility, while participating in an innovative research... Read more »

Calgary Children’s Festival canceled due to lack of funds

After 32 years of existence, the Calgary International Children’s Festival has announced that it is closing and will not be held in 2019. The decision disappointed one of the founders of Calgary’s... Read more »

Canadian Tourism Aims to Collaborate with U.S. Campaign

A new tourism related ad, the Discover America campaign, depicts a diverse U.S. citizenry against magnificent landscapes. The effort is said to make the Canadian tourism industry nervous, given the fact that... Read more »

Former Canada MP Jaffer Quilty of Ignoring Lobbying Rules

On Monday, December 13th, Canada’s lobbying commissioner, Karen Shepherd, ruled former Alberta Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer breached the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct for failing to register as a lobbyist in 2009 when... Read more »

Bullied Canadian Teen Takes Life

A teenage girl who had suffered years of brutal bullying was found dead in her Coquitlam, Canada home Wednesday evening after taking her own life. Amanda Todd, 15, had posted a video... Read more »