China Spy Balloons Benign?

The mysterious China spying balloons, recently shot down by the US, could be benign, according to the White House.

The Benign China Spy Balloons

John Kirby, a White House national security spokesman, told reporters that the intelligence community is considering as a leading hypothesis, that the Chinese spying balloons, are simply balloons linked to some commercial or benign purpose.

The 3 unidentified aerial objects shot down by the United States in recent days, likely had a benign purpose, the White House acknowledged on Tuesday, drawing a distinction between those objects and the huge Chinese balloon that earlier flew through the United States, allegedly for espionage purposes. 

The White House Said About The China Spy Balloons

The intelligence community was looking at the hypothesis that these are simply balloons tied up for some commercial or benign purpose. 

Officials also revealed that a missile launched at one of the objects, the one flying over Lake Huron on Sunday, missed its target and fell into the water, before a second missile successfully hit.

Information About The China Spy Balloons

Has been made public, at a time when the measures adopted by the government of President Joe Biden, in the last two weeks, are subject to new scrutiny in Congress.

First, US warplanes did not shoot down what officials described as Chinese flying spy balloons, until after it had crossed much of the United States, citing security concerns. Two F-22 fighters equipped with thermal missiles then quickly shot down what were likely harmless objects and not China spy balloons.

Taken Together…

The moves about the Chinese spy balloons, raised both political and security questions about whether the Biden administration overreacted, after coming under fire from Republicans, for reacting too slowly to the Chinese balloon.

As more information about the three objects emerges, questions remain about what they were, who sent them and how the United States might respond to unidentified aerial objects in the future.

The Fact That…

After the discoveries of the China spy balloons, there are more questions than certainties, has set off alerts about what the US authorities are up against and, mainly, what part of the security they have left uncovered.

In just eight days, the US has detected and shot down four objects flying over airspace, within or near its territory, a series of events that Pentagon officials believe is unprecedented in peacetime.

The Wave Of Demolitions In Recent Days…

Began after the detection of a ‘spy balloon’ of Chinese origin, that was flying over sensitive military sites in the US.

Since then, the alerts have intensified, which has facilitated the discovery of three other objects that bear little resemblance to the China spy balloons and the authorities are not sure who or what they belong to.

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