American Army increase Presence in Syria.

American Army increase Presence in Syria
American Army increase Presence in Syria

Washington: Recent incident in Syria of vehicle accident with injured American members and some other clashes with Russian forces, the United States government has deployed armoured vehicles and additional troops into eastern Syria.

US Central Command, Navy Captain Bill Urban said, United States has also sent in radar systems and increased jet fighter patrols over the region for protection for American and Coalition forces.

Bill Urban said

“The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation in Syria, but will defend Coalition forces if necessary”.

This is not the first time, when United States Forces and Russian Forces come in front of each other. There are numerous times they came in front of each other, while patrolling in Syria. The most serious was last month, when officials said Russian vehicles sideswiped a light-armored US military vehicle. Four American members was injured in this incident.

The last month incident took place near Dayrick, in northeast Syria. When that incident took place in Dayrick, where Russian troops should not be present on that location. National Security Council Spokesman John Ullyot said the US patrol left the area “to deescalate the situation.”

The news of the deployment of arm vehicles was first reported by NBC News.

Russia, which backs the government of Syria, has opposition in presence of United States troops in the country. The Ministry of Russian Government blamed United States for this incident of vehicle collision. Four American members were injured in the Collison.  

Officials said, there are many incidents between US and Russian troops in eastern Syria, but officials also described the last month incidents (August) was the most concerning incident happened.

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