War, Drugs and Cartels – Nine Americans killed in Mexico Surprise Attack

Mexico Surprise Attack
Mexico Surprise Attack

In recent years’ American president Donald Trump had made himself a name in Mexico City because his presidential campaign built around making great again and making Mexico pay for the wall which was suppose to keep immigrants from Mexico out.

Although, Donald Trump recently talked about helping them to wipe out the drug cartels who are making headlines.

Historically the dominance of the cartel was deep-rooted in Mexico City. The comment and support from the US president came after one of the bloodiest attacks in the history at Northern Mexico where Nine American Women and children were gunned downed on Monday.

There was ambush was waged by the Mexican mafia or one can call them as drug cartels. The nine people who were brutally gunned downed at the border of Chihuahua and Sonora states which belonged to Mexican-American LeBaron, Langford, Miller and Johnson families, members of breakaway Mormon communities who settled in northern Mexico.

Video Posted On Social Media

There was a video posted on social media by the unknown man which showed the ground reality and brutal ness of the attack. This video contained the bits and pieces of what was remaining after the attack that is charred and smoking vehicles, automobiles with bullet holes. This man also talks about the attack itself where he clarifies that Rhonita LeBaron and four of his grandchildren were burnt and then shot.

Julian LeBaron On This Attack

Julian LeBaron emotionally called this attack as a massacre and confirmed that family members burnt alive. In his statement he talked about the four boys, two girls, three women killed. Also, there was a period where several family members who fled to the countryside were lost. Also he had no information concerning who carried out this attack. He did confirm that there were indirect threats to the family in recent times.

Survivors From The Attack

The survivors from the attack critically injured and airlifted to a hospital in Tucson, Arizona and a Lafe Langford, whose health was in critical condition was deploy to Phoenix.

Mexican Security Minister Alfonso Durazo

Mexican Security Minister Alfonso Durazo suggest that this could have been the case of mistaken identity as there are massive threats to the confrontations between the rival gang. To contradict the statement one of the family relatives opened up and pointed out that the LeBoran family always had a conflict with drug traffickers in Chihuahua and it shows that the attacker surely knew who they were targeting.

This collapse in the security within Mexico City and stories from the Alfonso Durazo show the importance of the steps which are needed to be taken to eradicate the Drug cartels from Mexico City.

The attack was carried out in three different locations, the attack was carried out while they were driving backroads in convoy of cars with 14 women and children. The Bodies were found in a burnt Chevrolet Tahoe near San Miguelito while corps of two children and women were found almost 18 km away and the third location was 15 meters from Sonora-Chihuahua Boarder.

Authorities arrest a man with the guns and ammunition in Sonora and he is suspect of this crime.

Trump being Trump has waged a war on the drug cartel and this one we need too. He spoked with Lopez to make sure that Mexico is aware of the assistant provided by the US government to make sure the justice is delivered.

Mexico & Drug Cartels

Mexico is been at war with drug cartels since 2006 and utilized the military as well, despite being so aggressive the campaign was not so successful as in recent times violence has grown and killings among criminal gangs have increased.

This gesture for the neighbouring country was to eliminate the Drug cartels from the country and build a more secure nation for Americans who have established a life in Mexico. The tweet from Trump can suggest that he might force the Mexico government for this international crisis and security. With keeping in mind the re-election of 2020. Whatever might be the reason, the most important thing which stands out is that the cartels from City have to be wiped out.

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