Cokie Roberts Lost Her Battle To Death at 75

Cokie Roberts Lost Her Battle To Death at 75
Cokie Roberts Lost Her Battle To Death at 75

Cokie Roberts, (aged 75) lost her battle to breast cancer on Tuesday 17th September 2019. She was known to be an example for women globally and was a renowned journalist (for NPR and ABC News) and author. She leaves behind her husband Steven V. Roberts; her children Lee and Rebecca Roberts; and six grandchildren.

Respect for her

Personalities such as Barak Obama, Danielle Kurtzleben and Nancy Pelosi have stated that her key qualities were her ability to adjust and adapt. President Donald Trump did not seem to be her in her good books but he too stated that he has immense respect for her. 

Family Background

Ms. Robert’s success was inbuilt in her due to her parents. Her father Hale Boggs House majority leader and post his death in a plane crash her mother, Lindy Boggs took over and became United States ambassador to the Vatican. She recalls being on campaign trips, attending ceremonial functions and listening to the dinner-table discussions with political leaders along with her siblings. She was also encouraged by the mother who engrained in her that women can do anything and that they are no less than men. All of this made her believe that it is the constitution and its creators that connects us all, regardless of our backgrounds.

Ms. Roberts stated the realities of life. She said that, “We are quick to criticize and slow to praise”. She also mentioned about having to give up her on-air anchor television job in Washington due to her marriage to Steven V. Roberts who was working for The New York Times. Post her marriage she job hunted 8 months wherein the cliché question of typing speed was asked in all of her interviews.

Her Career

Prior to joining the NPR she was a radio correspondent for CBS. At the ABC she was an anchor alongside Sam Donaldson for a political affairs program named “This Week”. She continued to work for NPR as she believed it was only a matter of airtime. For NPR her consistent segment was “Ask Cokie” wherein she would answer to her audience.

Ms. Roberts was also known to stand up for her gender. When Steve Inskeep used the words, “granting women the right to vote”, Ms. Roberts disturbed the speech by saying “        No, no, no, no, no granting. We had the right to vote as American citizens. We didn’t have to be granted it by some bunch of guys”. She believed in simplicity as she thought that, a one on one interview in a mall with someone who is a mother can teach you a lot about the chaos in the globe and the feelings of the public towards it. She felt that it was way better than any of the grand things.

Ms. Roberts has held several honors including sharing in various Emmy Awards. She was the receiver the “Living Legends” award by Library of Congress in 2008. Ms. Roberts recalls counting her blessings while awaiting the announcement of Pope Francis. Ms. Roberts lived a life that impacted billions around her. She was indeed an example of “survival of the fittest” .Today as the world lost a wonderful soul, we hope to see more women telling the world that she was their role model.

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