Trump Wants a Massive Number of Legal Immigrants to Run the Companies and Factories in the US.

Trump Wants a Massive Number of Legal Immigrants to Run the Companies and Factories in the US.

Washington:Donald Trump, the president of the United States is now looking forward to embracing a large number of Legal Immigrants to the United States as he says he needs more workforce to operate the booming industrial sector. According to the comments the president made in his State of the Union speech conducted on 7th February, Donald Trump amazed people by spelling out his desire of welcoming a considerable amount of immigrant from all across the globe to the US. He further mentioned that the immigrants should legally reside in the country and become part of the workforce that is currently running factories and giant companies.

Considering his comments of bringing in more people to the United States, the president was asked whether he is willing to make amendments in the current United States policy to let it more immigrants. Trump seemed quite certain with his decision and was ready to change the policy position as he believes that the unemployment figures in the United States are pretty low and there have been a large number of organizations getting back to the US.

This is not first time

This is not the first time since the United States President expressed his desire of seeking more immigrants in the country; in fact, Trump has said it on various events that he endorses the legal immigration of the unemployed folks in our country as the companies are rushing back to the US. People that encourage uncomplicated legal immigration were always spotted siding with the Trump’s decisions for years. However, this sudden announcement of welcoming as many potential foreigners to the country left the US crowd amazed. In fact, there were a lot of people who weren’t in favor of Trump’s decision. One such individual namely Ira Mehlman, belonging to the Federation for American Immigration Reform went up against Trump’s decision by calling it ‘bad public policy”.

According to Mehlman, entering the United States legally is, of course, an essential aspect but the number of foreigners coming to the country is also a crucial factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. The massive population getting employed in the United States clearly undercut the wages of thousands of unemployed Americans. As per Ira’s remarks, Trump is not considering the social and security impact of the massive immigration of foreigners to the United States. On the contrary, the industrial units that are coming back to the US seem to encourage Trump’s decision as they feel that the lack of workforce is negatively affecting their day-to-day business operations. They need more workforces to carry out regular activities precisely and thus welcoming a massive number of immigrants from the globe can definitely meet their company requirements. The director of Immigration Policy, Jon Baselice, favored Trump’s remarks by clarifying that they are looking forward to working with the Congress group to bring in more folks and cater to the industrial requirements of the country.

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