Canada New Fighter Jet – Bids, potential competitors

According to Canadian Government, Boeing invited to submit proposals in spring 2019 for an order of 88 advanced fighter jets, which are to be delivered in 2025. Boeing is one of five manufacturers which makes the upper Hornet, and other manufacturers are US-based Lockheed Martin(F 35), France’s Dassault (Rafale), the Airbus group (Euro fighter Typhoon), and Sweden’s saab (Gripen).

The Canadian government will require a robust package of guaranteed industrial benefits or offsets from the winning bidder. Ottawa will evaluate the bids based on “Cost, technical aspects as the requirements and economical benefits.”The winning bidder will have to invest in Canada an amount equal to the value of the contract. On the other hand, Jeff Waring, Director general for industrial benefits policy said the country sees the fighter jet program as a Once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Canadian economy. Government is confident that this will results in a healthy competition, providing good value to Canadians and the economy.

Canadian industrial participation in the F-35 program has reached $1 billion, as more than 110 Canadian firms have landed contracts related to the aircraft program.

Jeff Waring, director general for industrial benefits policy at the federal Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, said the country sees the fighter jet program as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Canadian economy.”

But he noted the industrial benefits policy is flexible. “It is a market-driven approach,” he said. “It encourages suppliers to make investments that make sense to them.”

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