Makenzie Noland poses next to Big Tex, a 4 meter alligator

Beauty and the beast! This American student made sure to make her graduation photos memorable by posing with … a 4-meter alligator . Makenzie Noland will graduate this Friday, Aug. 10 from Texas A & M University in Wildlife Science and Fisheries.

The young woman has been a trainee at the Beaumont Rescue Center in the United States, a shelter that houses more than 450 alligators, crocodiles and other reptiles. Animals found on public roads or in private homes are donated to the sanctuary.

So it is natural that the young graduate decided to pose alongside her favorite boarder, Big Tex, who lets himself be caught by leaving the drop sign of his university on the tip of his muzzle. Big Tex arrived in 2016 at the center, his gargantuan appetite turned this alligator into “nuisance” for local boats.

Both have developed a special relationship during the internship of the young woman. According to her, he answers his name and reacts to his actions when she enters her pen to feed him. “I go in the water with this animal every day – he is one of my best friends there!” she explains to the BBC.

More fun at Gator Country! Can’t believe this internship is almost at its end.. Special thanks to Arlie Hammonds and Jessica Hammonds for the snake hooks!! I love them!

Posted by Makenzie Alexis Noland on Friday, July 27, 2018

“Thank you to everyone who shared my messages and gave me all the support I am overwhelmed by the virality of my message, and to see that everyone in my hometown pushes me to move forward and it’s really amazing, you are the ones who made it possible and I could not be more grateful, I hope you’re all proud! “, writes the young graduate on Facebook.


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