Alex Jones: Apple Removes Most InfoWars Podcasts from iTunes

Alex Jones, of InfoWars, April 17, 2017 in Texas Photo: The Canadian Press / AP / Tamir Kalifa / Austin American-Statesman

Most podcasts by Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, have been removed from Apple’s iTunes download platforms and the Podcasts app, the BuzzFeed news site reported on Sunday. word of the company.

Alex Jones founded the InfoWars site in 1999, gradually expanding the base of his audience. He notably relayed the theories presenting the attacks of September 11, 2001 as a federal manipulation.

Apple told BuzzFeed to have removed five of the six InfoWars podcasts, including War Room and The Alex Jones Show . Only RealNews with David Knight was still available Sunday on Apple platforms.

Neither Alex Jones nor an InfoWars representative were available to comment on this information on Monday morning.

Last week, Facebook suspended his account, accusing him of spreading a hate speech. YouTube’s online video platform has removed four of its videos.

In addition, the online music platform Spotify removed some episodes of Alex Jones’ programs last week.

“Spotify can confirm that it has removed specific episodes from The Alex Jones Show’s podcasts for violating our hate content charter,” a company spokesman said Sunday night.

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